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Industrial Wastewater: Recycling and reuse

Founded in the UK in 2009, CatalySystems, based in Middlesbrough near the heart of the UK Process Industry, is a leading company in the application of photocatalytic water treatment. Our experienced team’s breakthrough is a fully automated reactor system, which activates the catalyst and drives superior performance and energy efficiency.

CatalySystems recognises that water and wastewater treatment is vital to every industrial sector. Each sector has its own needs which define treatment requirements, from process water purity, water recycling or reclamation through to reducing wastewater discharge costs. CatalySystems’ Advanced Oxidation (AOP) systems are ready to help you better manage and reduce your water footprint with its range of photocatalytic modular water treatment systems.

Company Ethos

CatalySystems is a Company guided by its underlying commitment towards less wastage of the World’s depleting freshwater supplies through encouraging industrial users to consider minimisation of freshwater use through recycling and reuse within their manufacturing processes. Since our formation in 2009, we find that companies take our message more seriously now, through the general increasing media exposure into shortages of clean fresh water. Companies are now more actively considering their water footprint along with their carbon footprint as part of their corporate sustainability agenda and within their framework of operating cost reduction for the treatment and disposal of their wastewater. Our hope is that our products and services can help conserve our naturally depleting water resources in some small way for future generations, in a cost effective way for our customers.

How we work with you:

Sustainable solutions for tertiary treatment

New water treatment plant:

Our AOP systems, utilising photocatalysis, offer a sustainable low energy substitute for
other, more costly traditional water treatment processes such as reverse osmosis ( RO),
activated carbon ( GAC ); ozonation, or chemical treatment plant.

Existing water treatment plant:

On existing plant, we offer a means of meeting tighter discharge consents, without the need
for expensive overhaul or retrofit.

Complementary process plant:

Our photocatalytic AOP systems can be used cost effectively to enhance or prolong the life
of other water treatment processes.

Our systems, designed for continuous flow, can also be used on a short-term/ rental basis
to deal with wastewater from batch processing, or for deployment in wastewater clean-up,
following an incident on site.

Listening to your project requirements:

  • Initial discussion to understand your requirements and objectives; review of your existing or proposed water treatment plant; indication of where our AOP plant could be applied cost effectively.
  • Wastestream sample testing (available from 0.4cu.m/hr to 2.5cu.m/hr in our own testing facilities)
  • Mobile rig deployed in FEED trial
  • Full-scale system costing.